LOGO_SPANISH_IBEX emailWe would like to introduce our hunting partner in Spain and invite you to  the amazing world of SpanishIbex Club (, where you will be able to get a quick idea of their potential in both fields, and hunting offers, quality and services.

They own 95.000 hectares in the province of Castellón ( Spain ) for the Beceite Spanish Ibex hunt. The Ibex is the number one big game in Spain and within the ibex which live in that country, “Beceite” is the most spectacular.

SpanisIbex Club is one of the biggest companies in the province, where excellent trophies of the Beceite Spanish Ibex can be obtained. They are guiding customers since 1990.

They are specialized in Grand Slam Spanish Ibex (Gredos, Beceite, SouthEastern & Ronda Ibex) and really love and enjoy mountain hunt. Besides, they also have a team of specialist guides regarding the rest of the Spanish Big Game – Barbary Sheep, Pyrenean Chamois, Cantabrian Chamois, Iberian Mouflon Sheep, Balearean goat, Iberian Red deer, Fallow deer, wild boar and roe deer. Driven hunt are also avalaible.

Also they have an area for Driven Red Legged Partridge shooting (driven bird shooting), pheasants and doves, where you can make good shots. High quality lodging.

SpanishIbex Club , one of the great professionals offer:

- Hunting territory management and own property with a total area of ​​over 95,000 acres contiguous.

- Licenses of the Spanish Big Game in the best territories.

- Professional guides and comprehensive support infrastructure

-Transportation 4 x 4 , tracker dogs , rental guns, trophy preparation, taxidermy …

- Accommodation in hotels and cottages .

- Restaurants and gastronomy routes

You can hunt in our mountains and on the same day enjoy a gastronomic evening close to the Mediterranean sea. Castellón city, being a mountainous province sorrounded by the sea provides  all the ingredients for a rich and varied cuisine (rice, prawns, fish, olive oil and truffle).

SpanishIbex Club:  Discover the blend of local hunting tradition with the taste of the professionals , hunting the property directly

Feel free to contact us for any further enquiries and price lists.

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